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This Poll Told Us How Canadian Political Parties Like to Party

If you are forced to spend time with a political party supporter, the Green Party is the one most likely to be holding.

Leading by example. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

We all know Green Party leader Elizabeth May has a reputation for liking her wine (well, once), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enjoys weed at dinner parties and Tom Mulcair has a beard. But how do their supporters like to party?

A Forum Research poll for VICE looked at the popularity of, uh, vices amongst Canadians, dividing them into various categories, including federal vote preference. We learned that Bloc Quebecois are the biggest drinkers, Green Party supporters smoke the most weed, and that most people are either boringly healthy or straight up liars.


Results showed that nine percent of Bloc supporters drink alcohol daily, compared to six percent of Liberal and Green supporters and five percent of NDP and Conservative voters. Most said they drank once a week or two to three times a month, including 28 percent of Bloc supporters, 26 percent of Liberal and NDP supporters, and 24 percent of Conservative and Green supporters. Which honestly, seems like a lie. Everyone knows you have to be pretty consistently drunk to watch and care about CPAC.

Among those who do admit to drinking, beer and wine are by far the most popular drink choices. Fifty-three percent of Bloc drinkers expressed a preference for wine, followed by 47 percent of Liberals, 38 percent of Conservatives and NDP, and 35 percent of Green supporters. (Shots were the least popular category, though six percent of Green voters favour them, presumably while cheersing the destruction of the environment.)

Merely a fifth of Canadians claim to use cannabis, according to the poll, which is weird because it's all the internet seems to talk about. Amongst party supporters, 36 percent of Greens said they've used weed in the last year, compared with 22 percent of Liberals and NDP, 19 percent of Bloc, and 14 percent of Conservatives.

Bloc supporters are the biggest gamblers, with 71 percent of them indicating they'd gambled in the last year, followed by 61 percent of Green voters, 60 percent of Liberals, 58 percent of Conservatives and 57 percent of NDP supporters.

The poll was conducted on a random sampling of 2,271 Canadian adults on June 7 and is considered accurate +/- 2%, 19 times out of 20.

While this poll showed most political parties are pretty much the same, we're confident supporters of every party will find some tiny bit of information to completely blow out of proportion on Twitter.

You're welcome, we guess.