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The First ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Is a Glorious Festival of Male Ass-Kicking

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is the hard-hitting feminist superhero we've been waiting for.

San Diego Comic-Con unveiled a slew of new superhero trailers over the weekend, including ones for Justice League and Doctor Strange, but DC's Wonder Woman caught even the most fickle nerds' attention and provided a little more of what we can expect from Patty Jenkins's long-awaited film.

The trailer, which lands itself somewhere between Game of Thrones and Paths of Glory, opens with star Gal Gadot coming across Wonder Woman's, a.k.a. Diana Prince, future love interest, Steve Trevor, on a beach. It follows the leading lady as she leaves her home island, which is only inhabited by women, and enlists to fight in World War I. There is still a lot left up to the imagination as far as the actual plot, but you can certainly expect a whole lot of ass-kicking.

The trailer doesn't shy away from its feminist themes, either. The nearly three-minute clip ends with Prince meeting a secretary who explains that she does everything her boss asks her to do, a position Prince likens to slavery. While the trailer focuses a lot on the film's supporting male lead, played by Chris Pine, Wonder Woman is sure to bring the hard-hitting feminist superhero action we've been waiting for since Jessica Jones.

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