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The VICE Morning Bulletin

A marine has been identified as the shooter behind Baton Rouge police officer murders, Turkish authorities arrest more than 6,000 people following Friday's failed military coup, and more.

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Baton Rouge Shooter Revealed as Former Marine
The man identified as the killer of three police officers in Baton Rouge was a former marine sergeant who served from 2005 until 2010. Gavin Long, 21, killed by police during the attack on Sunday morning, maintained an active online presence as Cosmo Setepenra. He posted videos urging black people to "fight back." —NBC News

Police Union Seeks Suspension of Open Carry Rules at RNC
As the Republican National Convention gets underway in Cleveland Monday, the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association is asking the governor to suspend state law allowing the open carry of firearms. Union president Steve Loomis said: "Somebody's got to do something. What we have now is completely irresponsible." Governor John Kasich's office responded by saying that he didn't have the authority to do so. —USA Today


Former CIA Boss Calls for Greater US Involvement in Syria
Leon Panetta, former CIA director, defense secretary, and White House chief of staff, said the next US president should consider "additional special forces" in Syria to assist "moderate" rebel forces there. Panetta also called for an increase in air strikes to put greater pressure on both ISIS and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's forces.—CBS News

Large Majorities in Border Cities Oppose Wall-Building
Nearly three-quarters of Americans—72 percent—surveyed in border cities are against the idea of building a border wall with Mexico. Among those surveyed in Mexico's border cities, 86 percent are against the plan by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. —The Washington Post

International News

Turkish Authorities Arrest More Than 6,000 People
Turkish authorities continue to crack down on suspected dissidents following Friday night's attempted military coup. More than 6,000 military personnel and others have been detained, including 2,700 judges. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the coup was "a gift from God" because it "will be a reason to cleanse our army." —VICE News

Car Bomb Attacks Kills Five in Yemen
Two car bombs went off near army checkpoints in Yemen's port city of Mukalla, killing at least five security personnel and wounding at least 15 others. General Faraj Salemine blamed "terrorists" for the deaths. The city had been controlled by the local al Qaeda affiliate for a year until pro-government troops recaptured it in April. —Reuters


Former President Sarkozy Criticizes French Government
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has criticized the government for not doing enough to provide security, following the Bastille Day attack in Nice. He called for use of electronic tagging for those at risk of radicalization, and for all foreign nationals with links to radical Islam to be expelled from France. —BBC News

AIDS Resurgence Feared in Africa
Health experts meeting at the Durban International AIDS Conference this week fear a new epidemic in Africa, as progress in access to drug treatment has stalled. According to UNAIDS, there are 36.7 million people living with HIV, but fewer than half of those who need antiretroviral drugs are getting them. —The Guardian

Everything Else

Taylor Swift Says Leaked Phone Call Character Assassination
Taylor Swift has accused Kim Kardashian of "character assassination" after Kardashian posted a recording of a conversation between Swift and Kayne West about the lyrics for "Famous." "You cannot approve a song you haven't heard," said Swift.—Rolling Stone

New Han Solo Actor Announced
Alden Ehrenreich, the actor best known for playing hayseed in Hollywood in the Cohen brothers' Hail Caesar, will play the young Han Solo in an untitled Star Wars spinoff movie. It is set to start filming early 2017.—Slate

Sex Ed Advocates Create Kondommn Character
Advocates for Youth, a sexual health nonprofit, has created a Pokémon Go–inspired character called Kondommn to remind young people to use contraception. "We try to be as on trend as possible," the organization explained.—Take Part

Festival Pill-Testing Kits Cannot Detect Fentanyl
Harm-reduction organizations that test pills for unwanted substances at music festivals say they are unable to test for Fentanyl, a powerful substance that can lead to overdose deaths. Reagent kits are not sophisticated enough to detect the synthetic opioid, known to show up in drugs like MDMA.—VICE

Teens Are Vaping Because It Looks Cool
A new study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal found most teens who vape do it because they think it's cool. Lead author Dr. Michael Khoury said the motivation was "a cause for concern."—Motherboard

Bernie Sanders Fans Turn on Their Hero
Some Bernie Sanders supporters are expressing their rage with the senator from Vermont for endorsing Hillary Clinton. "He fucked us. We were used and discarded like rag dolls," said one 32-year-old activist from Boise.—VICE