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Kings of Leon's Vid for 'Waste a Moment' Is Very 'Carrie' Meets 'Bring It On' Meets 'X-Files'

KOL are back with their first record in three years next month, and this song is the first single. We believe they call it "a return to form."
September 14, 2016, 7:43pm

​Kings of Leon spent a decade releasing an album every 18 months to two years, which, when you factor in the promotion and touring of each record means they spent their lives on the road or in studios. Or at afterparties. Sometimes they'd make it golf courses, but downtime was scarce.  After ​Mechanical Bull ​they took a smidge more time to chill out and get married and have babies and now they've got WALLS ​coming out on October 14th. Last week they dropped "Waste a Moment"—a kind of classic KOL anthem—leaner than anything off the last album, catchy and pop, but not in the least bit overcooked.


Below is the video for said song. Honestly we don't have any idea what's going on except there's a lot of people blindfolded in it—namely the Followills. To prove they really know how to play their instruments? Maybe! There are some very hot, but somehow dangerous cheerleaders involved, and a guy who looks a bit like Bob from Twin Peaks​if he had a shower and moved to Nashville. There also appears to be a UFO. So let's just throw in a ​Close Encounters of of the Third Kind / X-Files / Cocoon ​reference here. [INSERT.]​

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