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Fenech-Soler's Video for "Kaleidoscope" Is 3:39 of Pure Joy

The newly minted English duo release their first song since 2013 and sound rather reinvigorated.

Despite the departure of two band members and a three-year hiatus, Fenech-Soler, consisting of siblings Ross and Ben Duffy, are back with their signature electro-infused indie pop. "We've always just tried to refine our song writing as brothers," explain the English siblings. "'Kaleidoscope'​and this EP feels like we've finally found the simplicity we've been looking for. We're now just super excited to show the world our music." The band "didn't want to make a conventional music video," so they teamed up with direct Luke Bellis to create an Alice in Wonderland-esque ode to "the pure joy of love," transporting the viewer to a plush and dreamy dance party, complete with trippy colored lights and multi-hued blanket forts. Who doesn't love a blanket fort? Powered by stuttering synths and an addictive, unabashedly poppy chorus, if you're into the louche funk of Whitest Boy Alive or the feel-good vibes of Phoenix's "1901" this is your new Friday fuck it all anthem.