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A Look at Canada’s 12 Most Wanted Fugitives

From bikers to terrorists, these are some of the country's biggest unsolved cases.
December 6, 2016, 8:37pm

Despite having an international image of being a country purportedly full of angels, Canada has its fair share of unscrupulous transnational fugitives running amok and thwarting international law enforcement agencies.

With consultation from RCMP and Interpol databases, we've compiled a list of the country's most wanted, a group of alleged gang bangers, murderers, pedophiles, bikers, and other crooks currently at large in a series of unsolved criminal cases.


1. David MacDonald "Wolf" Carroll

At 64 years of age and after 15 years on the run, Nova Scotian-born David MacDonald Carroll has proven he's a difficult man to trace.

Caroll, a confirmed member of the Hells Angels and convicted drug dealer, evaded a police crackdown on bikers in 2001 and has been on the lam ever since.

He is believed by authorities to be responsible for the killing of 13 people and he's also wanted for the attempted murder of two other rival motorcycle gang members in the mid- 90s. Carroll's lengthy rap sheet also includes numerous drug trafficking charges and charges of being involved in a criminal organization. In the past, he's also been convicted of firearm offences and assault.

Also known as "Wolf," Carroll is known to alter the spelling of his identity slightly. Police suspect he could be hiding in any of the 20 countries Hells Angels have chapters.

Renewed scrutiny on his whereabouts by police was launched in 2012 after the capture of one of his cohorts in Panama.

2. Frederick Cecil McLean

Widely believed by cops to have sexually abused several children—one as young as five years old—Frederick Cecil McLean has been in hiding since 2005 when US Marshals issued a warrant for his arrest in California.

Police say this 64-year-old alleged serial pedophile first started molesting children at the age of 28, when he was in San Felipe, Mexico.

"One of the victims claims that McLean molested her over 100 times between 1991 and 1996," says a US cop.


With strong ties to the Jehovah's Witness church, McLean is believed to have used the institution to get close to children so he could abuse them. As the owner of a successful car restoration business, he is believed to have sold all of his assets after being confronted by his family.

Toronto cops say he may have fled to Canada several years ago, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash used to hide his identity.

This suspect is considered armed and dangerous. He's been known to use a half-dozen different variations of his name, such as "Frederick McLain," and several websites have been launched to track him down.

McLean is the only person on this list who does not hold Canadian citizenship. However, it's possible he's living in the country.

3. Conor Vincent D'Monte

This suspected gang leader has been at large since January 2011. On April Fool's day of that year, he was spotted sneaking into a British Columbia lawyer's office to sign over his $1.6 million home in his wife's name before disappearing once more.

D'monte is wanted for first degree murder in connection to the slaying of a rival gangster in 2009 and he has also been charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Aged 38, D'Monte is believed to be the leader of the "United Nations Gang", a BC-based criminal organization named after the pluralistic nationality of its various members.

Police suspect he fled Canada, possibly to a foreign country such as Mexico, where he has alleged ties to a Mexican drug network. According to at least one police source cited in a report several years ago, he's also been known to travel to Asia.


D'Monte is considered armed and "extremely dangerous." The gang he is alleged to have forged is known to have committed brazen public killings in the past.

He also may be travelling with an Irish passport.

4. Christopher David Meer

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to track him down, Edmonton Police are shelling out a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Christopher David Meer, a suspected arsonist and extortionist who has been in hiding for nearly a decade.

Meer, 32, is wanted on 11 different charges in relation to a series of fires causing millions of dollars in damages. He is alleged to be directly responsible for burning down several properties and causing harm to at least one victim.

Cops say he might be keeping his head down outside the country, possibly in Mexico or the United States. His mugshot has appeared on America's Most Wanted and he's known to Interpol as well.

5. Imad Ibrahim

Dual national Imad Ibrahim is an alleged leader of a sophisticated network of international fraudsters who were busted by RCMP and Surete Du Quebec in 2012.

With the use of fake credit cards and tampered, fraudulent ATM machines, the network managed to siphon and counterfeit a total of $100 million, some of which eventually ended up laundered into construction projects or sent to foreign countries such as Sri Lanka or Lebanon.

More than 40 people were rounded up and charged by the police, but among the 13 suspects to evade the cops was Ibrahim, a suspected mastermind of one of the organizations working in tandem to raise fortunes of illicit cash.


Lebanese-born Ibrahim is also a suspected coke dealer facing weapons charges, not to mention the mountain of offences he's been charged with related to fraud, counterfeiting and forgery.

This 34-year-old weighs about 106 kilograms and is said to speak English, French, and Arabic, according to Interpol.

6. Sylvain Maheu

While his mugshot might be one of a kind, this Frenchman's alleged criminal backstory as a fugitive is a bit bare in comparison to other members on this list.

Sylvain Maheu, 54, is the primary suspect in a killing that took place in a Montreal alleyway. He is believed to have emerged from a Chrysler 300M brandishing a gun before opening fire on two men, one of whom died shortly after being gunned down on Joliette St. on July 26, 2010.

According to the RCMP, witnesses identified Maheu based on his many tattoos. The RCMP have even issued a spreadsheet describing his extensive body art and distinguishing marks: a chest tattoo of a cobra; two sleeves of tattoos, with an angel on his left; and a woman, knife and flowers on his right.

He is wanted for first degree murder and second degree murder. Cops believe he is hiding in Montreal if he hasn't fled to Mexico.

It's also noted he has stretched earlobes, possibly as a result of sporting gapingly large ear gauges or piercings.

7. Hasibullah Yusufzai

Hasibullah Yusufzai is among the dozens of young men from Canada who have been charged in recent years with the crime of traveling to the Middle East to fight for terrorist organizations.

Originally from BC, Yusufzai was the first Canadian to be charged with participating in the Syrian conflict.


His Facebook posts show a drastic transformation from 2009 onwards until his departure to Syria in 2014 "for the purpose of committing murder."

In 2013 he wrote a Facebook post denouncing "so-called" Muslims in Canada, claiming "No one can fully practice their religion in Canada."

According to media reports shortly after he was charged, friends and family expressed disbelief and uncertainty about what exactly drove him to become radicalized.

8. Farah Mohamed Shirdon

For weeks he was presumed to be dead, but then Somali-Canadian ISIS member Farah Mohamed Shirdon resurfaced to utter threats against the West in an interview with VICE's Shane Smith.

Before his purported radicalization, Shirdon, now aged 23, used to be involved in a theatre group in Calgary before he joined his brothers in the Middle East and became a poster boy for anti-Western ISIS propaganda videos as a foreign fighter.

He can be seen in videos online, burning his passport, promising to destroy Canada and the US, and claiming more western prisoners will be beheaded in the name of Islam."

"We want Sharia law," he said an interview with VICE. "So leave us alone. This is the truth of the matter."

Shirdon was born in Toronto and is internationally sought on five terrorism related charges.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.

9. John Douglas Maguire

Known by former friends as a friendly joker throughout high school, Ottawa-raised John Maguire was radicalized during early adulthood and similarly flew to the Middle East to take up arms against western forces in the name of Islam in 2014.

Maguire also appeared in an anti-western propaganda video denouncing his home country. He was charged in absentia for his activities abroad by the RCMP and his charges were broadcast across the country.


Aged 26, Maguire is facing five terrorism-related charges and his whereabouts are unknown. He is believed to be fluent in both English and Arabic. There is the possibility that he is dead, however, as photos circulating on Twitter in the past suggested his body may have been spotted in a pile of slain bodies in Syria.

But lacking substantial evidence, police still claim he may be at large and the case remains open.

10. Gary Joseph O'Brien

Despite the occasional police tip and infrequent announcements for rewards leading to an arrest, police in Newfoundland have had a tough time solving a triple abduction case out of Newfoundland.

After allegedly rigging his house with two 400-pound propane tanks set to explode if anybody opened his front door (a device that ultimately didn't go off), Gary Joseph O'Brien disappeared 20 years ago along with his three boys.

On November 9, 1996, O'Brien, from Newfoundland, was the non-custodial father of his three children: Adam, Trevor, and Mitchell, who were 14, 11, and four years old when they disappeared.

O'Brien is believed to have called his wife, Diana Boland, on the night of the alleged abduction to say she'd never see her children again.

When it comes to public information about O'Brien, who is now 60, and what could have possibly happened, the case seems to have seriously run cold. According to veteran Newfoundland-based journalist Steve Bartlett, the engine assembly of O'Brien's 1989 Ford Tempo was found underwater off the edge of a cliff 11 months after the alleged abduction. But it's unknown whether O'Brien and his boys died in the water.


O'Brien's former wife, Diana Boland, claims both the traps and the vehicle were ploys used to avoid the cops. Since the abduction Boland has tried her best to move on with her life, but still, she waits by the telephone from time to time dreaming of the day she finds out her sons were abducted and brought to a religious convent, isolated from the outside world—a possible "best case" scenario to say the least.

O'Brien remains listed on Interpol as an internationally sought suspect charged with abduction, setting traps, breaching undertakings and breaching recognizance.

11. Gregory Alan Pictou

If he's still breathing, Gregory Alan Pictou has managed to live the majority of his life on the lam, thwarting police who believe he is responsible for a ghastly murder.

This 62-year-old fugitive is believed to have killed an Ottawa man, John Gleason, in 1981.

Gleason's semi-decomposed and mummified remains were found in the basement of the National Native Cultural Centre on February 21, 1981. After an autopsy, authorities confirmed that Gleason's throat was cut open, ear-to-ear, and his torso and back were stabbed more than 50 times.

Pictou and two other men reportedly lived close to where Gleason's remains were discovered, and all three ran away shortly before the discovery.

One suspect was caught and cleared by the police while the other was nabbed in Boston and pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Cops still believe Pictou is the "primary assailant" responsible for Gleason's death.

12. Daniel Parceaud

Originally from Chibougamau, Quebec, Daniel Parceaud is a 49-year-old bilingual biker and alleged coke dealer who is alleged to have murdered somebody on behalf of a criminal organization. He's also a suspected fraudster.

This 200-pound fugitive has been hiding from Quebec police since 2002, after cops launched "Operation Satchi," which concluded with a total of 31 arrests of members or affiliates of the Satan Guards motorcycle gang, associated with the Hells Angels.

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