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Happy WOPTOBER! Gucci Mane Just Released Another Album!

According to Gucci, 'Woptober' "one aggressive ass muthafuckin album." Brrrrrrrrr!

What have you been doing for the past four months? Can't remember? This and that? Yeah, that's what I thought ya useless sack of marbles! Gucci Mane, on the other hand, has spent the last few months being sober and super productive: he flew out of the prison gates, dropped an album called Everybody Looking, and, as of right now, he's just dropped another one called Woptober. As previously reported by Noisey, Woptober was supposed to come out 17 October. However, the ATL rapper decided to give it to us early because he "jus [sic] wanted to show the fans I appreciate them." It's also free, which means it's technically a gift.


The 13-track release features collaborations with Travis Scott, Rick Ross and Young Dolph. On the Young Dolph track "Bling Blaww Burr", Gucci references the fact some people think he's a clone - "You know Guwop been iced out but I got new jewels now / Think I'm a clone but if they cut me this sauce gon' ooze out".​ Ultimately, the whole record is - at least according to Gucci​ - "one aggressive ass muthafuckin album".

Listen to the whole thing below, and click here to read why Gucci is (arguably) the most influential rapper of the past decade.