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The xx Video for "On Hold" is Tender, Intimate and Everything Your Teens Wasn't

This portrait of American youth features telephones, football players, and lots of kiss.

When you think about The xx, what image or thought or item enters your head? The answer will be different, depending on who you are. But for fans of the band, The xx conjure up an image that falls somewhere between tender intimacy and the moments leading up to or during connecting with another person. By which we mean, for some people, The xx have, at some point, been on your sex playlist.

Today The xx have released a video for their new single "On Hold". It features a lot of things that fall into the above description: teenagers grinning and looking into each others eyes, lead singer Oliver Simm talking into a home telephone as though he's sending a message to a future lover through a device that time will come to forget, a house-party with so little people in it that someone will definitely end up making out with their best friend. Ultimately though, it's crowning jewel is that it features one hunk of an ass doing press-ups. Look for the moment, and you will see what we mean.