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The Weeknd Gifts Us With Two New Tracks “Party Monster” and “I Feel it Coming” Which Is About... Yeah

Take a load off with new Weeknd.

The Weeknd, Canada's favourite R&B star who might be a vampire, released "Party Monster" and "I Feel it Coming." The two tracks are from his forthcoming Starboy album set for release on Nov. 25 this year. "Party Monster" is about needing human connection in a life of excessive partying. "I just need a girl who gon' really understand," the singer opines, with some hints of doubt. Whereas "I Feel it Coming" featuring Daft Punk might actually be about ejaculation. Already, Starboy is shaping up to be an important (and educational) record. Earlier today, the Toronto artist posted a track listing for the 18-song album on Twitter. Features will include Lana Del Rey ("Stargirl Interlude"), Future ("All I Know"), and Kendrick Lamar ("Sidewalks"). We wonder if this will be good Kendrick or cheesy pop-album-feature Kendrick rapping.


Listen to "Party Monster" and "I Feel it Coming" below:

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