This story is over 5 years old.

Wavves Weed Demon

It's a game, as well as a lifestyle choice.

Oh look! It's a new game! This is brought to you by Wavves, Mishka, and us. Please enjoy this and then go out into the world and do something with your life.

We asked the company who made this game if they could tell us a little more about it. Crack the code. Unravel the mystery, if you will. And they were as tight-lipped as the head cheerleader the morning after senior prom. But we managed to pull the following clues out of them:

"It's Paperboy but with a Wavves twist. Monsters designed by Mishka. 'So Bored' cover by Anamanaguchi."

Nathan from Wavves made a statement as well:

"I've been recording. Having fun with this kind of stuff on the side. Thanks to Mishka, Vice, and everyone helping me do random shit like this. Hope we can turn weed demon into an app someday."