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Inside the Life of London's Most Notorious Party Promoter

In the 1980s, "Fast Eddie" Davenport made a name for himself as the host of hedonistic parties for teenage aristocrats. By 2011, he was better known as one of Britain's richest fraudsters.

In 2014, convicted fraudster and infamous British socialite "Lord" Edward Davenport was released early from prison under controversial circumstances.

With exclusive access to Davenport after his discharge from HMP Wandsworth, we charted his meteoric rise to infamy in the 1980s as the brains behind the elite, underage Gatecrasher Balls. He would later dupe the Sierra Leone government out of their London embassy only to hold sex parties in it before a dramatic fall from grace as the result of a multi-million pound fraud he was eventually convicted of.

Charting "Fast Eddie's" efforts to work his way back up to the top, Wolf of the West End is both an intimate portrait of the notorious Davenport and a look at the frenzy he has left in his wake.