Happy 4/20! Puff, Puff, Pass 20% Off Dad Grass's Paranoia-Free CBD Joints

We've got an exclusive discount code for VICE readers to get 20% off everything, including flower, merch, and paranoia-free joints (and it's all legal).
April 20, 2021, 7:50pm
Photo courtesy of Dad Grass
Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

It’s 4/20, and that’s delightful and all. But some of us out here… I mean “there”… may have had a few too many incidents of getting blitzed out of our fragile gourds on ganja cookies during our more impressionable years, and now we have not only terrible short-term memories, but also an omnipresent, underlying fear, of ending up Way Too High again were to partake in the wacky tobaccy.

That’s why we love Dad Grass, the vibey-70s-basement purveyors of smokable hemp that's high-CBD and contains less than 0.3% THC, making it both legal to ship anywhere in the States and guaranteed not to send you into a dark place (metaphorically, or literally hiding under the couch). You can read our full review of their stuff here; it’s wildly, and we mean totally, mellow. You can expect no meltdowns; only the smiley, blissed out, super-relaxed feeling you typically have a couple of hours after hitting a blunt.

To celebrate this stony holiday, Dad Grass is hooking VICE readers up with an exclusive discount code this week: Use the discount code VICE420 to get 20% off everything on the site, from their perfect pre-rolls:


Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack, $35 at Dad Grass

to their roll-it-yourself flower:


Hemp CBD Flower Quarter Ounce, $48 at Dad Grass

to their highly enviable merch.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 12.36.09 PM.png

Dad Grass x Free & Easy ‘Don’t Trip’ Corduroy Hat, $40 at Dad Grass

If you're running on stoner time, don't worry; the code is valid through 4/25.

Blaze on over to Dad Grass to shop. Happy 4/20!

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