Lindsay Lohan Has a Fursona NFT

The bidding starts at $1,500.
A screenshot of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.
Image Source: Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan has stepped into the NFT game, in case you're in the market of buying her fursona.

Erstwhile child star Linsday Lohan is partnering with Canine Cartel, an online community for furries, people who strongly identify with anthropomorphized animals, that offers NFTs of thousands of unique dog NFT avatars. Lohan's partnership with Canine Cartel entails an NFT of herself, if she were a cartoon dog. These kinds of avatars are called "fursonas" within the furry community.

NFT enthusiasts have glommed to them mostly for the purpose of buying useless things that other people cannot have: drawings of rocks; online avatars; digital cocaine. They operate as status symbols in the same way sneakers and clothes do. They are finite and they exist as signifiers of both your savviness and your wealth. To join Canine Cartel, you have to spend .05 ethereum, (roughly $150) though all their avatars have sold out and many are now up for auction for much more. Bidding for Lohan's fursona starts at .5 ethereum, which is close to $1,500. 

I am frankly not mad at the existence of a Lindsay Lohan fursona. It's pretty great honestly, and I love that this dog somehow has freckles. The sentence "Lindsay Lohan fursona NFT" is just so thoroughly modern, so torturously of the moment, that it makes me feel out of breath. Even a year ago, the idea of the leading actress in a few of my favorite movies even having knowledge of what a furry was would be unthinkable. Today, I feel like I'm moments away from having to explain all of this to my parents.