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Hold My Lube: LELO’s Sonic Sex Toys Are 25% Off Right Now

Want luxurious erotic massagers, but can't blow your paycheck on vibrators? These penis pleasers and clitoral stimulators are seriously on sale.
October 8, 2021, 8:36pm
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

When LELO, your favorite luxury Swedish sex toy company, decrees a sale on its sonic vibrators, you slam that dick goblet down on the table, and say, HEAR YE! Never have we been thusly blessed with Tron-worthy penis strokers, gilded clit-suckers, and blended orgasm vibrators of this caliber. And right now, the brand is having a sale of up to 25% off its sonic vibrators, and by “sonic,” we’re talking about toys that stimulate your tender nethers without directly touching any of your bits. 


If you’re new to LELO, they’re the best. Next to a handful of other sex toy engineers, including Dame, Womanizer, and the Fifty Shades of Grey line (?!? It’s true, though), LELO is just one of those brands you can always rely on to check boxes in terms of usability, high quality materials, and ~arabesque~  designs that we actually have sexual chemistry with, and that’s something we deserve from our sex toys, man. 

Just look at the curvaceous Gonzo nose on that Enigma G-spot and clitoral vibe, which one Rec Room staffer has called the monster-jam slammer of blended orgasms. Well, that beast is on sale for 25% off now: 


Enigma Dual-Stimulation Vibrator

Continuing on the clitoral crusade: LELO’s Sona and Sila vibrators are also on sale, which we can say 10 times fast while masturbating, because their sonic wave technology tends to our clitoris like a sentient, sensitive robo-mouth:

Lest we leave penises out of the cock-restraining loop, LELO—of course—has something to jam your dick into that isn’t a fall vegetable. We’re speaking, nay, shouting about the FS1 V2, the most hi-tech, high-quality masturbator on the market. It features four unique patterns that allow for more intense pleasure, as well as two powerful motors.

There’s more discounted toys, too, but these are just our ride-or-dies. Peep the whole sale here.

Wishing you a most *luxuriating* spank sesh. 

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