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Get Amazing Deals on Cool Menswear, Outdoor Gear, and More at Huckberry's Sale

Looking for handsome shoulder bags, a DIY hard seltzer kit, and a powerful massager that won't leave your nightstand? Head on over.
July 21, 2021, 9:43pm
robe knife mat
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

New to Huckberry? [Puffs corn cob pipe.] Well, it’s like the forest-dwelling love child of REI and Kinfolk, where one can shop for outdoor gear by activity, or get lost in the aesthetic, urban-lumberjack splendor of the Everyday Carry section, which is a top-shelf selection of everything from pocket knives to a travel therapy notebook, because Huckberry is for the modern, well-rounded outdoorsy person, which is exactly what we are aiming for in our summer-to-fall personality rebrand. 

As we straddle summer and start to think about how to build out our wardrobe into the fall (yes, already), Huckberry’s Annual Sale is offering 35% off apparel, gear, footwear, and the coveted Everyday Carry items. Hell, there’s even a Bear mattress (an NFL-player favorite, apparently). And just when you think you’ve seen the limits of Huckberry’s artisanal spectrum, they pull out something like an insanely cool, miniature wooden sculpture of the Guggenheim Museum, or an incredible coffee table book about afro-surfing.

Here’s a short list of what we’ll be copping for the lake, the bar, the BBQ, and wherever else we end up this Cicada season. The sale runs from July 21-26, so put on your waders and get in there.

A Turkish towel

Have you noticed that Turkish towels are everywhere now? It’s because they’re super-soft, very absorbent, fast-drying, and look way nicer than your ratty old TJ Maxx that you’ve had since college.

Turkish Towels

Sultan Turkish Towel

Boots that’ll take you from the office to the dive bar to a date

Astorflex’s Italian-made boots are not only super high-quality; they’re wildly comfortable and versatile. Important office presentation? Hinge date with an astrologist? Punk show under a bridge? Stoned at the Cheesecake Factory with your FWB? They’ll take you there.

Shorts that are just short enough

OK, some of us aren’t ready for the five-inch inseam. But we do wanna be a little sexier than the whole giant-cargo-shorts-that-hide-half-my-legs look. That’s where these slim fitting but accommodating Proof shorts come in. They’re best-sellers for a reason.

A trucker jacket that oozes lumbersexual cool

So you’re trying to break out of the whole hoodies-and-denim thing but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to more classically handsome menswear? The answer: This Flint and Tinder jacket, which is rugged enough to wear camping but slick enough for making flirty eyes at Trader Joe’s.

Flint and Tinder

Unlined Waxed Trucker Jacket

You’re Theragun-curious

We’ve all seen those crazy mega-massager Theraguns at friends’ houses and physical therapists’ offices. Now, you can save nearly $120 on a similar gun: the uber-powerful KraftGun, which will bang the stress right out of your achy muscles.

The claw is your law

Are you a hard seltzer fiend? Did you know that hard seltz is ridiculously easy to make it home? Grab this hard seltzer homebrewing starter kit and see for yourself.

Northern Brewer

Hard Seltzer Starter Kit

You need an everyday bag and don’t want to feel like you’re carrying a “murse”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with carrying any kind of bag—no matter your gender—as long as it gets the job done, with the job being to get your stuff from point A to point B. That being said, sometimes it’s hard to feel cool if you’re bag is not in tune with the rest of your outfit. This neutral, practical cross-body sling bag goes over your shoulder and carries your wallet, shades, condoms, laundry detergent pods…. Got you, bro.


Water Resistant Cross-Body Sling

And many more…

Don’t miss these amazing deals, either.

Marine Layer

Saturday Jogger


Beast18 Ultralight Technical Backpack

See you on the trail. 

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