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The Best Home Office Chairs to Cradle Your Keister

The best home office chairs are like good friends: They're supportive, comforting, and great to plop down on.
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
September 24, 2021, 2:58pm
The Best Home Office Chairs
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If you’ve been working from home for what feels like an eternity, you’re not alone. We’ve been couch-working, bed-working, and laying-on-the-floor-in-the-fetal-position-working for months, and for a while, we had nothing to show for it. That was, of course, until we woke up, smelled the fresh trout, and got our collective act together to make our work WFH situations suck a little less


Now, if you’re still working from the couch, fine, but eventually you’re going to want a little more of a professional background, and despite (finally) hanging that old-timey print of the scientific classification of some weeds that you got because your significant other demanded you get rid of your poster of George W. Bush skydiving on a shark—even though you framed it!—there are better ways to adorn your at-home Zoomscape. Namely, getting a proper home office chair. Not that your current upside-down-milk-crate situation isn’t slappin’, we just think you can do better, especially since you just got your mattress off the floor and are now fully committed to becoming a fully bloomed adult. 

The best home office chairs are the ones you can really sink into; the ones that are comfortable, supportive, and encourage good posture all at the same time. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to plop down on, from gaming chairs and faux leather loafers to classic office drone thrones and more. 


It’s just a damn good chair 

That’s it, that’s the product description. Ten thousand people on Amazon gave it a 4.5-star rating, so it’s sure to slap. It’s height-adjustable and has a super-smooth swivel, and as one on-the-nose reviewer describes it: "The comfort does the job. I am beyond happy with this chair and would absolutely recommend it to someone who wants an affordable and functional computer/office chair. If you're a picky scrooge, nothing, in all reality, will make you happy—so good luck. I love this chair."

Flash Furniture

Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair

You own a gold “babygirl” necklace 

Call us eye doctors, cause we’re fuckin’ with your vision, fam. We’re tryna build, big time, and we need a leader—and that leader needs a throne upon which to design vowelless apps and talk about how they’re a “Creator.” This chair features leathersoft material with metal arms and a metal base, and the ergonomic design brings a sleek look with ample durability and support for long-term use. 


High Back Swivel with Wheels Ergonomic Executive Chair

The no-frills option

It's stoic. Professional. Familiar. Trustworthy. The Ergonomic Chair features seven points of adjustment and an exceptional range of support for bodies of all shapes and sizes. (It’s also made in Italy, so the spartan reference tracks… kinda. We’re not cartographers.) If you're living the tasteful, spartan life we commend you, and this is the perfect basic but functional chair for self-flagellating (aka filling out spreadsheets and signing off your emails with "Best"). 


You’re a Star Trek stan 

This mid-century modern wonder is a little bit 70s cocaine mogul, a little bit straight-off-the-Enterprise. This sleek, adjustable piece by Corrigan Studio features fluid 360 wheels (good for aimlessly spinning around while your Slack notifications are paused), a sturdy plywood seat frame, faux leather upholstered back and seat, and a durable chrome base.

Corrigan Studio

Stroud Task Chair

Futuristic minimalism that your friends will be jealous of

This might look like the chairs you used to stack in middle school to impress girls, but the Noho Move is much more than a strength-demonstrating medium. It “brings a new kind of comfort to everyday life with its unique versatility and dynamic, earth-friendly design that enriches your home, your well-being and our planet,” say the manufacturers, but we just say that it looks elegantly minimalist in a Stanley Kubrick 2001 kind of way.

Have a seat, son

Step into my office, and have a cigar. This chair reminds us of the boss’s office, and is giving off lots of light night Scotch-and-see-ya-later vibes. “Handsome, channel-seamed retro top grain leather upholstery is complemented by a metal base with casters and metal frame armrests,” the description says. We wish everyone had a metal base in their life to call them handsome.

Industrial Lodge

Decatur Genuine Leather Task Chair

The “flying private” of office chairs

Are you a professional by day, gamer by night? You're going to want to get really comfortable, and invest in a serious seat. This chair from Vertagear features surface-layer Ultra Premium High Resiliency (UPHR) foam, which responds and contours as you sit. It also has an industrial-grade class-4 gas lift, which we don't fully understand because we're not engineers, but we hear is a really, really cool thing.

We hope you brought enough to chair with the class.

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