Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, December 2021

Welcome to Sagittarius season, dear Virgo!
Sagittarius and Capricorn
Robin Eisenberg

Sagittarius season is a cozy time of year as the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules home and family! You’re feeling festive, and it’s a lovely moment to spruce up your home with holiday decorations, entertain loved ones, and share a warm, nourishing meal. You may be in a nostalgic mood, connecting with family and old friends, and looking at old photo albums.

More mundane topics are also on your mind, like renovating your space, moving, discussing plans with roommates, or other issues pertaining to your living situation. Emotionally, themes like privacy and security are on your mind, and if you’ve been reflecting on how to have a healthier work-life balance, your home and personal life may be major considerations at this time.


Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces on December 1, activating the relationship sector of your chart: A whimsical, fantastical atmosphere flows between you and a partner! But some confusion may be in the air, too. If you or a partner have had unrealistic expectations, a feeling of disappointment could arise, but if you’re both able to stay grounded, this is a lovely time to connect and share your fantasies, feelings, and wishes for the future. 

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on December 4, activating the home and family sector of your chart. An important new beginning may be taking place: You could be moving or transforming your home or living situation in an important way. Emotionally, this solar eclipse finds you gaining a new, deeper understanding of who you are, where you come from, and what you need in order to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Sagittarius is a courageous fire sign that’s focused on truth: What’s your truth, Virgo? Events that feel “meant to be” can take place at this time, and it’s all bringing deep realizations about yourself! Eclipses can be quite emotional and exhausting, so take it slow and keep your plans flexible.

Mars in Scorpio connects with Pluto in Capricorn on December 6, bringing some juicy information your way! You may be connecting with someone powerful. Flirtatious banter could become much more forward. Creative blocks are busted! Details might be confusing on December 7 as Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune, so take it slow when it comes to communication and making agreements. Fibs, fantasies, and laziness may be in the air, but a much more productive energy arrives as Mars squares off with Jupiter in Aquarius on December 8—there may even be a tendency to over-do things! Pace yourself, dear Virgo.


On December 11, Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn, bringing an especially intense, sexy atmosphere! A powerful, passionate mood is in the air: A move might be made with a crush, or mind-blowing chemistry could be found with an established partner. In your artistic endeavors, you’re exploring your aesthetic, your message, and your philosophy on a deeper level, and could be starting an inspiring and meaningful project. If you haven’t let loose and partied in a while, you might feel called to do so. Venus is a highly sensual planet, and as it meets Pluto, you’re urged to enjoy life to its fullest! Also on this day, Mercury connects with Jupiter, inspiring optimism, but people may feel lower, lazier, or a touch insecure as the sun and Neptune square off on December 12, so be gentle with yourself and others.

Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13, energizing you to tackle projects at home. You may be moving or renovating, or confronting an issue with a roommate, family member, or someone else close to home. Also on December 13, Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, kicking up communication between you and your romantic partners and creative collaborators, and bringing quite a few party invitations!

Your focus turns to your career and reputation during the full moon in Gemini on December 18: So much of Sagittarius season is about home and family for you, but this full moon shifts your attention to your life in the public sphere. A project you’ve been working on may reach a culmination, and reward or recognition could be coming your way! Creating a healthier work-life balance is also a focus at this time. 


December 19 marks the start of Venus retrograde in Capricorn, finding you deeply reconsidering what’s important to you in your love life, reconnecting with yourself as an artist, and figuring out how you want to invest your time and energy. Also on December 19, the sun connects with lucky Jupiter, inspiring generosity, and your ruling planet Mercury mingles with Uranus in Taurus on December 20, bringing surprising news or a creative breakthrough.

Capricorn season begins December 21, finding the sun illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart and encouraging you to have fun! Virgos are often hard workers, and Capricorn season calls you to be playful and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Saturn squares off with Uranus on December 24 for the third and final time this year, and until 2024: Your schedule may be rearranged in a big way. The old way of getting work done no longer makes sense, and important upgrades (perhaps technological), are taking place in your life. The way you organize and manage your routine takes on a new form.

Venus retrograde meets Pluto on December 25, igniting major romantic sparks: Pluto is one of the most intense planets, and Venus being retrograde means the planet of love and money encourages us to be more intentional and mindful about what we truly desire. A meaningful turning point takes place in your intimate relationships, and creative blocks are overcome in your artistic pursuits. Mercury and Neptune mingle on December 26, bringing a big boost to the intuitive connection between you and your partners. It’s a sweet time to discuss dreams, feelings, and fantasies. 

Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28, creating an expansive atmosphere in your relationships, and finding you meeting new people and connecting more deeply with your partners. If you’re looking to meet new people, Jupiter in Pisces could bring incredible opportunities your way—not just in love, but in business and creativity! In your established partnerships, exciting developments take place over the coming months while Jupiter is in Pisces. December 29 finds Mercury meeting Venus retrograde, and Mars connecting with Saturn, inspiring a friendly yet focused atmosphere: Creativity flows, and responsibilities are handled! Intriguing information, perhaps a secret or two, is shared, as Mercury and Pluto meet on December 30. A discussion about something very meaningful to you takes place.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in 2022!