Daily Horoscope: January 5, 2022

The moon enters Pisces.
Robin Eisenberg

If what you want isn’t happening, there can be a tendency to fill in the details with your imagination, as retrograde Venus connects with Neptune, the planet of projection, at 11:03 AM. This romance can work out in your favor if it’s more playful than toxic. The moon enters dreamy Pisces at 7:16 PM…don’t get lost in the sauce! Hope is accessed as the moon meets lucky Jupiter at 9:57 PM.

All times ET.



You’re getting a feel for what looks good and what doesn’t as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, connects with trendy Neptune. It’s easier to say how you definitely don’t want to look—it’s a process of elimination. You can be tapping into a collective dream, able to pick up on the subtle undertones of trends and fashion.


It’s hard to pin down exactly what you believe in as your planetary ruler Venus connects with slippery Neptune. Your goals are flexible. You know what’s right whenever you feel it! The moon moves into your chart’s house of hopes and dreams, connecting you with your vision for the future, which is always expanding.


You’re seeing how far your ideas will take you, creating new breakthroughs in your career and public life, as the moon moves through your chart. You’re figuring out how to be supportive and how to be supported, emotionally and romantically, as Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, creating space for fantasies and mirages.


Connections with your partners can be on a completely different plane of reality as Venus, the planet of relationships, gently harmonizes with transcendental Neptune. It might be hard to see where your feelings begin and their feelings end. You can keep yourself grounded in rational thought for so long before you open yourself up to all possibilities as the moon moves through your chart.


You’re rounding things off in your interpersonal commitments and catching up with your relationships as the moon ends its journey through your partnerships sector. Things get deeper and trust grows as the moon meets optimistic Jupiter. There can be some confusion about what your responsibilities are and how you share duties in relationships as Venus connects with hazy Neptune.



The day is spent finishing up some chores before finally having enough space to connect with your partners as the moon moves through your chart. Venus gently connects with dreamy Neptune, creating a romantic—or overly-romanticized—ambiance in your social and creative life. This can be extremely vulnerable. You’re opening up about things that you usually keep to yourself.


Take extra time to enjoy yourself today, Libra! The moon is chilling in your chart’s house of pleasure, taking its last few steps before entering a busier, more productive place. Your planetary ruler Venus gently connects with Neptune, which has you distracted. There is a lot of key information that can be gleaned from looking at yourself through a funhouse mirror, as long as you can stay objective and present.


You’re getting your rest as the moon moves through your chart’s domestic sector. There is more socializing to be done tonight, however, as the moon meets with gregarious Jupiter, putting you in a bubbly and flirtatious, creative place! Venus connects with Neptune and there is so much inspiration and mystery for you to wonder and gush over.


There are some errands that you need to finish, some things that need to be organized, as the moon finishes up in a busy place in your chart. Venus, the planet of love and money, connects with Neptune, which can bring objects to life in new and inspiring ways. The moon enters a restful, personal place in your chart, asking you to dig deep into the archives to learn more about your roots.



This is a time to tap into the ways that you have been told what you look like by a toxic, immaterial narrative, as Venus gently connects with Neptune, the planet of beliefs. You can see what doesn’t actually suit who you are and how you want to be perceived. This is also a great, playful moment to try on different wigs, hats, and costumes to better know yourself and your tastes!


You’re catching up with yourself as the moon takes its final steps through your sign, asking you to tie up loose ends with things that have already been initiated. You have a pretty intuitive sense of what suits you and what doesn’t as Venus connects with Neptune, tapping you into the collective unconscious desire for material goods. The moon enters your chart’s house of money and resources, which could bring about a fruitful shopping trip.


You’re ready to get back into your groove as the moon enters your sign tonight, bringing you a lot of faith in yourself and your capabilities. Venus, the planet of desire, connects with dreamy Neptune, giving you a sense of glamour and sparkle. This can also be a good time to connect with your friends and community in a way that is vulnerable and forgiving.

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