Michael Scott's 'Threat Level Midnight' Is the Best Action Film of the 2010s

NBC finally posted the iconic 'Office' movie online, just in time for your end-of-the-decade lists.
Threat Level Midnight
screenshot via clip

The 2010s have been a stand-out decade for action movies, from Fury Road to Snowpiercer to Inception to Sicario to Looper to the John Wick franchise, and that's not even getting into the MCU. But this week, NBC dropped a 24-minute video that somehow manages to blow every other recent action movie out of the water: The full, unbroken cut of Michael Scott's opus Threat Level Midnight from The Office.


Get ready to completely rearrange your end-of-the-decade lists, everybody:

We saw bits and pieces of Michael Scott's masterpiece, which took him ten years and starred just about every Dunder-Mifflin associate he could get, in the season seven episode appropriately titled "Threat Level Midnight." That episode only showed clips of the DIY movie, though—what we've got here is the glorious thing in all its entirety, complete with a bunch of previously-unseen footage.

OK, not fully unseen. This full version originally appeared as a special feature on the season seven DVD extras but, come on, who even owns a DVD player anymore? Now, it's online, and it's wonderful. All action films pale in comparison. Scarn! Goldenface! Budding Jim and Pam romance! A brilliant dance number with Karen Filippelli and some warehouse guys! What more could you want?

Give Threat Level Midnight a watch above and then shake some hands, tie some yarn, and do the Scarn. Holly Flax was wrong. This movie is brilliant.