Trump Revealed the Logo for Space Force and It's Just the Star Trek Logo

Space Force is going to use the Starfleet insignia as its symbol because of course it is.

Donald Trump just tweeted out the logo for Space Force, a new branch of the United States military created to deal with threats in space. It is an obvious knock off of the logo for Starfleet, the space force of the United Federation of Planets, from the popular television show Star Trek.

It’s all there. The triangle pointing upwards towards a better tomorrow, the emblem dominating the planet, and a swooshing satellite found in some variants of Starfleet’s logo. The U.S. military has long taken inspiration from popular culture and the Air Force, of which Space Force will be a branch, is the geekiest of the military branches. The Air Force is also the branch of the military which loves giant Warhammer 40,000-style swords.

As we move forward in 2020, it’s apparent that fiction and reality are blending together, warping all our brains. The Starfleet logo becoming the symbol of the sixth branch of the U.S. military is but the latest example.