A Twitch Streamer Was Suspended for Accidentally Firing a Gun on Camera

A Twitch streamer is suspended after getting 'intoxicated' and firing a handgun on stream.
Twitch streamer Carl Riemer shooting a gun during a Twitch stream.
Image: Carl Riemer

Twitch streamer Carl Riemer has been suspended from Twitch and dropped from Soar Gaming after firing a loaded weapon on Wednesday night. A Coors Light and a show on his desk, Riemer bent over his mic and said, “Bitch, say I ain’t got money.” He then racked the slide on his Glock twice, discharging a bullet from the chamber, and pulled the trigger. A can of the gamer-branded caffeinated drink G Fuel exploded. “God damn. What the fuck. I swear to god I just emptied the mag,” Riemer said.


As reported by PCGamer, no one was hurt in the incident but Twitch has a zero tolerance policy for the “use of weapons to physically threaten, intimidate, harm, or kill others.” Twitch suspended his account and Soar Gaming—the esports organization where Riemer played Call of Duty—has removed him from the roster. “So last night, I possibly ruined the rest of my life,” Riemer said in an apology video on YouTube.

Riemer’s video is a laundry list of what not to do as a gun owner. He was drunk, something he admits to in his apology video, and had a loaded magazine in the gun. One of the most basic rules of gun safety is to always assume a gun is loaded. Riemer thought he’d emptied the magazine, but—again—always assume a gun is loaded. Riemer also displayed poor trigger discipline meaning never placing your finger on the trigger of a weapon, even one you think isn’t loaded, unless you’re ready to fire it.

“Guns are not a toy. There not to be messed with,” Riemer said in his apology video. “Now I’m suspended from Twitch. I have no idea if I’m even able to get my earnings from last month. I have no idea if I’m ever able to come back to Twitch.”

Riemer did not immediately respond to VICE’s request for comment.