A Dystopia Where AI Runs U.S. Healthcare and Asks Patients to Die

Listen to ‘The Counselor,’ another story from Motherboard’s first ever short story collection.
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Some days, it feels like all you can do is watch worlds burn.

This is especially true for the millions of people living in hospice care. Health in the U.S. isn’t what it used to be. The population is aging and it’s not just the Baby Boomers. If you think Millennials will age more gracefully than their parents, well, I have a counselor I’d like you to speak with. It’s specially trained for the job and It knows all about you. It really does keep the cost of healthcare down.


Today on Cyber, we’ve got something special. Motherboard has published a book. It’s called Terraform and it’s out now. It’s a collection of short stories about the near future and the dystopian present. With me today on the show are the book’s editors, Claire L. Evans and Brian Merchant as well as special guest Robin Sloan. He’s the author of the new novel The Suitcase Clone and … the Terraform story “The Counselor.”

Terraform’s stories are all about possible futures. “The Counselor” is a window into one of those worlds.

Terraform is out on August 16. Buy it here.

Stories discussed on this episode:

The Counselor

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