A Surreal Cinematic Portrait of Donald J. Trump, by Vic Berger & VICE News

Journey with us (if you dare) for a transcendental phenomenological investigation into Trump's inner world.

It all started a few months back when VICE News senior producer Oliver Noble strode into the main conference room where all the content is made, whipped out his black marker, and wrote on the big VICE News whiteboard in capital letters: “DONALD TRUMP SUPERCUT.” An approving stir rippled across the room: “Mm-hm, sure, OK.” Then, after a dramatic pause, Oliver brought his marker back up to the whiteboard: “. . . BUT AN HOUR LONG.” Mass hysteria erupted. Screaming, cheering, high-fives, fisticuffs; someone dove through a window. It seemed impossible, it seemed irrational, and it seemed downright sadistic. Producer Ben Craw sat quietly in the corner, waiting until the chaos subsided, then said calmly, “Let’s do it.”


After four-plus years of observing and chronicling the 45th commander in chief of the United States with our supercut video series, Oliver and Ben decided to join forces with esteemed surrealist video artist Vic Berger to put together, once and for all, the authoritative, comprehensive, definitive document of the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

But it’s less a recap of the events of these four years (though it is that, too) and more an abstract, transcendental phenomenological investigation of the inner world of this man. How he thinks. How he talks. And who he truly is, deep down. We hope you join us on this journey. And also, we sincerely apologize.