People Are Buying Giant iPhones To Use as Desks

Imagine buying an iPhone online and getting this in the mail instead.
March 31, 2021, 8:57am
giant iphone table
Image: Screenshot from 10X10

We all know the internet sells the weirdest things. From the dumbest impulse buys to getting sucked into the destructive ways of fast fashion, the perils of online shopping are well-known to many. 

For instance, sometimes, when you think you’re buying a new iPhone, you might have actually just ordered yourself a full-sized study desk.

With noticeable white stripes across the back and the iconic home button that was unceremoniously removed from later models, a peculiar desk that appears to be a giant iPhone 6 is now available for people to add to their carts. 

Besides looking impressively similar to the real deal, the iPhone-shaped table also appears to be completely functional — it even comes with a drawer for storage. A model of the table can be found on 10x10, a Korean e-commerce site, going for 310,000 South Korean won ($273), while another featured on online marketplace Shopee is priced at SG$500 ($371).

Photos posted on the Facebook page “Take it to share” shows a man gamely posing with an iPhone-shaped table almost as tall as him.


“That's why the delivery cost was so expensive,” the Facebook caption reads. 

While it’s possible that the iPhone-inspired table arrived as a comically large surprise for this man, it’s unclear if he had meant to buy a table or an actual iPhone.

The post has since gotten over 12,000 Facebook reactions and 31,000 shares. People were absolutely tickled by the iPhone lookalike.

“Use this to watch a movie,” a Facebook user quipped.

Meanwhile, a photo of the man pretending to scan his thumb on the huge “iPhone” was met with suggestions to use his heel or face instead.

This ridiculously large “iPhone” has made for a good chuckle, but it also serves as a reminder to scrutinize product listings before clicking on that cursed “buy” button. And if the dimensions in the description seem to be ludicrously oversized … it may in fact be a whole table.

If you mean to buy a giant iPhone table, however, then I guess happy shopping.