Monthly Horoscope: Aries, January 2021

Welcome to Capricorn season, dear Aries!
January 1, 2021, 11:23pm
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is lighting up the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune, making this an exciting moment in your career, dear Aries! Make time to reflect on what you want your reputation and legacy to be. Over the last few years, you stepped up with leadership and responsibility, and it’s really paying off now.

On January 1, communication planet Mercury in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces, which bodes very well for discussing creative plans and generally charming the public. Privacy is something that’s on your mind lately, too, and this is a great time to think about how you can live comfortably in the spotlight while still having plenty of security and remaining undisturbed by the outside world. January 4 is an especially powerful day as Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn, finding you having exciting, important conversations concerning your career and reputation—and likely learning some intriguing secrets, too! 


Your ruling planet Mars enters Taurus on January 6, marking a major shift in energy! Mars has been in your sign since September, and it’s been rough: Mars was retrograde for some of that time and you may have felt attacked, weak, exhausted, or upset with how you’ve been dealing with things, but you’ve also learned a lot about patience, pacing yourself, and navigating power struggles. You’re entering a new phase with Mars entering grounded earth sign Taurus, finding you focused on security.

Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn on January 8, kicking up the energy in your social life and finding you connecting with lots of friends, new and old. You’re feeling especially popular and some reward or recognition is likely on the way! Also on January 8, the sun connects with Neptune, inspiring you to lean into your spiritual practice, meditate, and connect with your intuition. And to get some rest!

On January 9, Venus and Mars make a harmonious connection, plus Mercury meets Saturn in Aquarius, bringing some gifts and rewards for your hard work, as well as finding you setting firm boundaries and high standards in your social life. Mercury then meets Jupiter in Aquarius on January 11, which is an especially friendly, optimistic time that finds you connecting with plenty of inspiring people.

Surprising news, especially about money or future plans, arrive as Mercury clashes with Uranus on January 12. A heavy atmosphere descends as Mars presses up on the immovable wall that is Saturn on January 13, the same day as the new moon in Capricorn. This isn’t the time to push things, Aries—it’s time for long-term strategy, maturity, and accepting limitations. Reflect on your own boundaries, too. The new moon in Capricorn is all about your career and reputation, dear Aries, and now is the time to show what a great leader you can be. New opportunities will come, if you’re mature and wise enough to navigate things well at this time.


Unexpected news concerning money arrives as Mercury clashes with Uranus on January 12. There’s also a nervousness in the air. It isn’t a good idea to throw money at a problem to fix it! Lay off the caffeine and give your nerves a break. There’s a lot happening, but you don’t have to participate in all of it; you can step back and take your time to think instead of jumping to action. Slowing down is exactly what Mars’s clash with Saturn wants you to do on January 13—try to speed ahead and you’ll run into a wall, especially when it comes to issues regarding money, your social life, or your big plans for the future. Unexpected thrills are in the air as Venus connects with Uranus, also on January 13. While Venus is all about beauty and romance, this harmonious alignment also bodes well for creativity, popularity, your finances and career. 

The sector of your chart that rules wealth and security is activated as Uranus ends its retrograde on January 14: Uranus is the planet of surprise, but life’s unexpected events don’t have to mean losing security or your sense of self. Reflect today on what security—especially in the face of surprise—means for you. The sun also meets Pluto on this day, marking a powerful moment in your career: You’re likely connecting with a VIP or finding yourself stepping into a powerful public role.

One of the most significant days this month is January 17, when Jupiter clashes with Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of growth and exploration, and Uranus of innovation and experimentation: We’re all trying out new things at this time, and you, dear Aries, are turning a big corner around how you manage your social life, where you fit in in the world, your values and plans for the future, and what safety and security mean to you. Many unexpected events are likely to take place, but the inventions that are created at this time are groundbreaking. This marks a major change in how you approach planning for the future, which is huge for a zodiac sign that’s all about acting fast and living in the moment!


Aquarius season begins on January 19: This is an exciting time for your social life. It’s a great opportunity to network, connect with friends, explore communities and hobbies you’re excited about, get involved with a cause you’re passionate about, meet more of your partner’s friends, and generally enjoy getting to know people. Just watch out for quick tempers, unexpected arguments (especially about money), and impulsive moves on January 20 when your ruling planet Mars meets Uranus. “Wild” and “out of control” are words we could use to describe this energy, but if you’re thoughtful about your actions, some amazing revolutions and innovations could begin now!

January 23 is a busy day: Mars clashes with Jupiter, so expect some-over-the-top behavior; Venus mingles with Neptune—romantic!; and the sun meets Saturn, inspiring a renewed sense of responsibility. This is an exciting moment for financial growth…unless you spend everything you gain. It would be wise to create a budget for yourself right now! Venus’s connection with Neptune also makes for a glamorous atmosphere, and it’s a magical moment for love as the sun meets Saturn, creating a solid, supportive energy in your social life.

Unexpected drama pops up in your social life as the sun clashes with Uranus on January 26, but a shift in energy arrives on January 28 as Venus meets Pluto, the sun meets Jupiter, and the full moon in Leo arrives, finding you expanding your social circle and gaining access to wonderful opportunities or resources. Power is a major theme at this time, and you have it, Aries—so long as you don’t let your impulsivity foil your hard work and planning! You’re also simply ready to party: The full moon in Leo reminds you to have some fun and enjoy life. This is a passionate time in your love life, and a great moment to dance to your heart’s content, make art, laugh, and generally be joyous.

The month ends with the start of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius on January 30! Expect to run into plenty of old friends at this time. Emotionally, you may find that some expectations you had for the future no longer inspire you, or you may revisit an old dream you had for yourself. You have a new perspective now, and reconnecting with wishes you had long ago is sure to teach you something interesting about yourself! Mercury retrogrades are great times to pick up projects that were put on the back burner and get some rest. They are famous for miscommunications and delays, so avoid travel, important purchases, or signing contracts, if you can. Mercury retrograde ends on February 21, and you’ll likely find that many of the decisions, plans, and conversations that have taken place since January 14 will be revisited.

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in February!