The Full Flower Moon: May’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

It’s intense!
Collage by Cath Virginia | Photos via Getty and Nasa

This year’s Full Flower Moon takes place on May 5 in Scorpio, and this time around, it happens to be a lunar eclipse! The names of the full moons coincide with what’s happening seasonally, and according to the farmer’s almanac, May’s full moon is called the Full Flower Moon because of the flowers flourishing during this time of year.  

Full moons are generally regarded as periods of release, and lunar eclipses are especially famous for bringing great change. They’re also known for being a time when fated-feeling occurrences may take place! This lunar eclipse is in mystical Scorpio, which could find us exploring the deeper meaning of things. We may be contemplating themes like destiny and free will. Scorpio is also a zodiac sign that’s all about rebirth, and since eclipses herald big changes, this may be an especially transformative time. Let’s explore what this year’s Full Flower Moon could mean for us.


What does the full moon in Scorpio mean?

Full moons can only occur when the sun and moon are opposite zodiac signs. So, during peaceful, verdant Taurus season, the full moon must be in brooding, mysterious Scorpio. Because full moons are so much about release, and since Scorpio is the zodiac sign of rebirth, a Scorpio full moon could spell a moment of significant change and letting go. As this full moon also happens to be an eclipse, the transformations that take place could feel even more emotionally charged, even fated or destined in some way. Eclipses can also bring us surprising information, and because Scorpio is often regarded as the detective of the zodiac, very intriguing details could surface.

Chill, peaceful Taurus is a zodiac sign astrologers often relate to contentment. Like a cow meditating in a green, open field, there is something so present and powerful about this zodiac sign. Being in the now is a fantastic thing to achieve. But, there are aspects of Taurus that are less enlightened. Taurus energy can also be stubborn, passive, and even lazy! An unproductive Taurus mood could find us passing our time away on the couch, content to do nothing… at least until a Scorpio full moon comes along, reminding us to get to the action. The Scorpio full moon can propel us to make a change. It’s an old cliche, but sometimes you have to rip a bandaid off, and while chill Taurus wouldn’t want to harsh a mellow, Scorpio and its stinger have no problem doing just that. Basically, a Scorpio full moon can help us take care of business, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable. 


What’s special about this year’s Full Flower Moon in Scorpio?

First and foremost, this year’s full moon in Scorpio is a lunar eclipse, so it may feel like an even more intense, transformative time than it usually does! We may not have such an easy time being “chill” about things, even if Taurus season is all about contentment. Emotions that have been brewing below the surface could come to a head. The North and South nodes are astrological points tied to themes like destiny and spiritual cause and effect, and because of their involvement in eclipses, events that take place at this time could feel fated. Eclipses can also bring information to light, showing us a perspective on things we had never considered before. Power could also exchange hands! 

The sun also sits very close to wildcard Uranus in Taurus, as they oppose the moon, which could place us in a risk-taking, freedom-seeking mood. Taurus is sometimes described as a zodiac sign that goes along with the status quo; however, this stereotype may be turned on its head at this time, as people could behave in ways that are quite unpredictable. People may act contrary to make a statement or set a boundary. Again, because eclipses can reveal expected information, Uranus in the mix could mean the news released is even more surprising and unexpected than during a typical eclipse!

Action planet Mars in protective Cancer sends its support to the moon in Scorpio and to the sun in Taurus during this lunar eclipse, inspiring strength and courage, perhaps especially as we separate from projects, people, or even parts of ourselves that we have outgrown and that we are ready to move on from. A snake shedding its skin is imagery often evoked when thinking about Scorpio themes, and certainly could be shedding what we’ve outgrown at this time.


We’d expect there would be a very serious, somber mood at this time; however, because Venus in Gemini will form a harmonious alignment with Jupiter in Aries on the day of this eclipse, people might be much jollier than you’d expect. People may feel quite generous, compassionate, and open-hearted at this time. This alignment bodes well for romance and celebration, and could inspire adventure. Feelings of gratitude and unity could flow.

How will May’s full moon affect each zodiac sign?

May’s Full Flower Moon may be especially impactful for Scorpio and Taurus, as the moon and sun are in their zodiac signs, respectively. For every zodiac sign, this could be an intense and powerful period for letting go of the past. It may be especially emotionally charged for Scorpios and a pivotal time for Tauruses as they work toward their goals.

Leo and Aquarius could also feel a strong impact from this eclipse as they may have to make crucial decisions or take important actions. For Leo, that could mean a decision about a career as they let go of family expectations or old expectations they had for themselves. For Aquarius, it could be about setting firmer boundaries between their private and public life and perhaps learning to let go of preoccupations and anxiety about their career to embrace and enjoy their home life.

This could be a very emotionally transformative period for Virgo and Pisces, especially regarding communication. They may learn new ways to express themselves or let go of old opinions, habits, or perspectives they have outgrown. Meaningful conversations could occur, big news could be shared, and some announcements could be made.


May’s Full Flower Moon may transform Cancer and Capricorn’s social and love lives. Cancer may find that their values, goals, and desires in love have changed, and they may be eager to explore a new social circle or experiment with a new hobby. For Capricorn, friendships that have been dimming may feel like they’re even further in the past, and Capricorn could discover something important about what they truly love and value.

This could be a spiritually rejuvenating time for Sagittarius if the centaur prioritizes rest and makes time to connect with their inner voice. They may have very intriguing dreams at this time. Emotional breakthroughs could take place as unexpected feelings beg for attention. This inner change could also find Sagittarius rethinking their schedule and approach to their daily routine. Gemini could be kicking old habits, wrapping up or leaving a project, and perhaps totally reworking their schedule during this lunar eclipse. They may realize how important it is to schedule time off from work.

Aries may focus on practical matters at this time, organizing their bills, settling a debt, or significantly reworking their budget. A change regarding finances could take place for the ram. Libra could also be focused on finances at this time, and like Aries, they may be reworking their budget. Libra could also sell something of great value or discover something important about their relationship to money. 

Whatever your zodiac sign, eclipses can be intense! Scorpio is all about embracing that intensity, and Taurus has the skills to stay present and down to earth through it all. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, allow yourself extra time to feel things out. Finding the balance between staying grounded in the now and exploring our emotional depths is hard, but perhaps we’ll find the balance during May’s Full Flower Moon.