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We Found a YouTube Channel That's Full of Amazing UK Rave Archive Footage

It's 1989 and someone just dropped Frankie Knuckles' "Your Love" in a warehouse near Effingham.

One day we'll get to be nostalgic about our current state of affairs. We'll watch archived snapchat stories of shufflers at Lovebox, Disclosure's instagram account will be published in a glossy coffee table book, and documentaries will reconstruct the moment Tiesto crashed David Grutman's yacht into David Guetta's dock. Until then, we will have to make do with stretching back into the archives of the generations before us, something that has just been made a lot easier by a YouTube account called The Kino Library. The library offers archived footage to order on a number of subjects, from Chinese school children learning English to Miss World contests in 1971 — yet crucially it has an amazing amount of footage of raves and clubs over the last 30 years.


We stumbled across the account late yesterday, somewhere between shark attacks videos and clips of robots falling over, and it is an absolute goldmine. Everything from late 1980s illegal raves to bewildered pub owners insisting that the police are over-reacting. It's all there. Check out our highlights below and enjoy the full library here.

Frankie Knuckles' "Your Love" Gets Dropped at a 1989 Illegal UK Rave (And the Artist Formerly Known As Prince Does His Cat Impression)

Man Dressed as Roy Chubby Brown Dances in a Warehouse

Acid House in the Great British Outdoors

DJ Spins Acid House, Man Humps Bumbag

"Go and nick somebody who's raping somebody or summit"

Canonical Proof That People in the 1990s Couldn't Dance For Shit

And Finally, The Land Lady of the Lord Howard Pub at Effingham Junction, Insisting That Illegal Raves Really Are "No Trouble At All"

There's also a pretty good archived news report on Cliff Richard super-fans, so y'know, check that out if you get a minute.

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