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Feist Ventures to Uncharted Sonic and Mathematic Realms in Her New Song "Century"

Pulp's Jarvis Cocker does a monologue about numbers in this, so you know it's hype.

Photo via Flickr.

From its first single and title track, it was apparent that Feist's upcoming comeback album Pleasure would continue in the ragged, scuzzy folk of its predecessor, 2011's still-great Metals. The just-released "Century" pretty much confirms this, with Feist's alternate-tuned guitar clanging against her howl and an arrangement that's as tumbling and precarious as rapids.

Jarvis Cocker of Pulp shows up after a false ending and delivers a brief monologue about precisely how long a century is in the same deep, insidious drawl he used in his old band's tortured, psychosexual epics. His outro here is far less creepy than "Seductive Barry" or "I Spy," though. Listen to "Century" below.

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