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Murlo Has Remixed Rihanna's "Work" so the Rest of You Can Stop Now

We don't need any more after the British producer's version.
Image via YouTube

Since it dropped at the end of January, Rihanna and Drake's "Work" has been reworked by approximately 3,678 producers and SoundCloud DJs, with most of the results ranging from terrible to completely unlistenable. Sure, we enjoyed LA duo DJ Dodger Stadium's bootleg edit, but the official pack of remixes recently released are godawful (sorry R3hab). You guys know there's other songs on ANTI, right? Maybe try tackling "James Joint" or one of the album's eleven other songs? We even made a list of properly done ones for inspiration.


That said, we'll make one final exception for British producer Murlo, who has consistently demonstrated his ability to churn out icy, grime-tinged reworks of pop jams. Listen to his version below and please, please no more.

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