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Download A Bonus Track From My Favorite Robot's New Album

An 80s-style technotopian synth shuffler.

Because we are really really insanely magnanimous masters of the universe, we've managed to get our grubby paws on a totally exclusive and totally bonus track off My Favorite Robot's spanking new full-length, Atomic Age, and we're handing it to you as a download. Seriously, just take it and have your way with it. The song's called "White Light" and it's an 80s-style synth shuffler, with the Canadian boys chanting silly/creepy (depending how your attitude towards techno-utopianism) lines like, "White light, it is the power of the future, it is the power of life." So it is.


My Favorite Robot's Atomic Age drops today, September 16, on No. 19 Music. It can be yours if you click here (iTunes), here (Amazon US), or here (Amazon UK).