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Around The World In 80 Raves: 120 Minutes, San Francisco

"You like to wear a lot of black?" 120 Minutes asks. Cool, so do they.

Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back. Photos courtesy of 120 Minutes.

CITY: San Francisco, CA
RECENT HEADLINERS: Shlohmo, Cold Cave, Mykki Blanco, Brenmar, Nguzunguzu
VIBE: Art-school goth, syzzurpy bass
VENUE: Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St., San Francisco 
COST: $5-15 
WHEN IT HAPPENS: Every fourth Friday


Every fourth Friday of the month, 120 Minutes draws the weirdos of San Francisco to congregate at the Mission District's 300-capacity venue, Elbo Room, as it's transformed into a debauched rave cave.

"The time when John from Salem had literally a hundred kids on the stage twerkin' to hardstyle and Gucci Mane, while more and more folks kept trying to climb on up."

"When Mykki Blanco stripped down to her boxers, ripped off her wig and dropped some shit acapella, and everyone went apeshit when the beat dropped back in."

"Shlohmo walking away from his set to the front of the stage just to dance and smoke a blunt that someone had handed him."

With a laser and smoke show by lighting designers Future Weapons, the party is sea of fog, darkness, perspiration and sub-bass. Expect weird live performances and DJ sets where everything from Waka Flocka to Salem and Skinny Puppy gets mixed in.

Combining several scenes from the Bay Area the crowd has become a blend of "goth, thug, queer, fashion, and club kids," but resident DJ S4Nta_MU3rTE reassures us they're "not about the burner vibes, just about the darkness." 120 MINUTES is an audio-visual experience, a dance club that creates atmospheric and enveloping experience, bringing creepy dreams to life.

"You like to wear a lot of black?" 120 Minutes asks. Cool, so do they. Now choke on this fog and weed smoke for a minute.

Grab tickets for the three-year anniversary party with Salva.

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