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Ultramajic's Pilar Zeta: "There is a Severe Lack of Visual Style in Music Right Now"

The techno label is fighting back, one print at a time.
February 20, 2015, 12:09am

The Ultramajic label, launched by Jimmy Edgar, his partner Pilar Zeta, and Travis "Machinedrum" Stewart in 2013, has put forth a tightly curated aesthetic of techno-influenced, early 90s tinged retro-futurist dance through a small roster of artists including Edgar himself, the ineffable Danny Daze, Chambray, and the mysterious Aden.

In lockstep with Ultramajic's musical output has been their visual aesthetic. From the first release, Pilar Zeta's artwork has been much more than just an accompaniment to the music in further defining the label. That's been by design. "Ultramajic was created by Jimmy and I," says Pilar. "We both had a vision in mind and share the same visual design aesthetic. We didn't have to make anything fit as it just fall into place."

"There is a severe lack of visual style in music right now," Pilar goes on. "We want to fill that gap. I don't feel its too much work to bring a great visual style to a musician, its the lacking of imagination that is perhaps making it unapparent. The industry has changed so much, people work more alone now and this effects the whole vibe."

After showcasing her Portal to 4D Knowledge at The Standard in Hollywood last month, Pilar and Ultramajic are releasing a short run of prints on March 4. "The prints i've choose are basically a compilation of all of my favorite works through the years," she explains. "That's why they all reflect different aesthetics. I've used different techniques and different inspiration when i made them. Also they were all done, as I said, in different times of my life, so each remind me of a different stage of my art."

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