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LuckyMe Just Dropped an Obey City Package Via Wetransfer - Grab it Now

The Brooklyn based producer's been reworked by S-Type and others.

Now this is what we call a perfect afternoon pick you up. And yes, it's even better than a surprise care package of biscuits landing on your desk. Honestly, it is. Even better than getting biscuits and getting going to go home five minutes early. That's how good this remix collection LuckyMe have just dropped on Twitter is.

Brooklyn based producer Obey City's been given a nifty re-rubbing from Deebs, Jensen Sportag, Hi Tom, Seiho, and S-Type and the whole thing's available to anyone out there in the world with the ability to click on a link. Look, you can do it for yourself below. Just like that! Congratulations, you got some good music! For free!


.— LuckyMe (@LuckyMe)May 11, 2016

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