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Exclusive: Watch The Official Video For Simian Mobile Disco and Roman Flügel, "Hachinoko"

An unlikely pairing makes for a smooth, deep house collaboration
April 2, 2014, 8:50pm

The dance music world thrives off collaborations, and this one is an unexpected delight. The electro pedigree of Simian Mobile Disco comes together with Hamburg's underground house dynamo Flügel to create a blend of deep house and minimal techno, all set to the kind of atmospheric visuals that really take you higher.

Named after the Japanese delicacy of baby bee larvae, "Hachinoko" is the fourth track to be taken from Simian Mobile Disco's latest album, Delicacies. The new video is a creative collaboration between Jack Featherstone and Jamie Thompson, who says: "We wanted to relate the idea to the name of the track but not be bound to it. In the end, we developed the idea of hatching and evolution combined with inflatable characters to creat a humourous and slightly sinister displacement.


Delicacies by Simian Mobile Disco is out now, grab yours here.

Directed by Jamie Thompson

Art Direction: Jamie Thompson and Jack Featherstone

Design Studio team:

Jamie Thompson 

James Greenfield 

Hadrien Malinjod 

Nikolay Kulishev 

Javi Marti 

Chris Hacking 

Julien Simshauser

Miguel Rodrigues

Paul Carpenter

Foad Shah 

Eva Nazarova

Shin Hye-Lee