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Here's the Team Supreme Cypher We Curated

Made with samples from Joey Beltram's "Energy Flash" and a punjabi stage comedy, vol. 129 is a collection of next level underground beats.
May 19, 2015, 3:10pm

Team Supreme are no strangers 'round these parts. The Los Angeles-based beatsquad has become one of the most talked about scenes in the underground, launching careers and changing games since debuting their beat cyphers less than two years ago.

Curation for the cyphers is most often handled by someone from within the Team, save from rare guest curations by the likes of DJ Shadow, but THUMP hustled ourselves into TS Headquarters and camped out until they let us make the rules for vol. 129.

This iteration of the cypher required sampling Joey Beltram's 1991 techno classic "Energy Flash," released on seminal Belgian label R&S. On top of that, entrees were to use a sample from this Punjabi stage comedy. After the submission deadline closed this past Friday, here is the final cypher as decided by Team Supreme brass:

Props are due, in order, to: Shelhiel, Twistyknobs, fzpz, ELOS, AVidd x Grimecraft, Mad Computer, Pass the 40, Sendai Mike, Jamie Blake, ELLWHY, Binx, St0n, and Misc. Friend.

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