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​THUMP Presents: The Magician in Chicago, May 15

Alongside Darius and Zebo, the Belgian tastemaker will perform at The Mid.

In a flurry of white doves and sleights of hand, Belgian tastemaker The Magician will appear in Chicago at The Mid on May 15, and THUMP will be his lovely assistant.

All this is part of THUMP's Club Nights series alongside Mean Red that saw Matrixxman et al. mob Output in New York City this past weekend. After Alison Wonderland drops heaters and The Greatest Day Ever goes down (both in Miami), The Magician, alongside Darius and and Zebo, will round out the schedule with more classy house music than you can put in a box and saw in half.

Buy tickets here, check out the Facebook event, and peep the full schedule: