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Calling All Sugar Babies: Double Duchess and TT the Artist's "All Eyes On Me" Is Your New Anthem

The San Francisco queer duo have crafted the most confident come-hither song you'll hear this summer.

"I'll never be your housewife" snarls San Francisco duo Double Duchess, whose latest track "All Eyes On Me" is an unapologetically sex-positive tribute to sugar babies and daddies. "The song and video are about celebrating the oldest profession and the strength to overcome sexual stereotypes," say Krylon Superstar and davO—who we see voguing, grinding, and getting freaky in shadowy alleyways and club bathrooms with no fucks given. With a sizzling guest spot from Baltimore rapper TT the Artist, this anthem is probably the darkest and most confident come-hither song you'll hear this summer. Say it with me now: "Everything is paid for, what you think I'm fucking for?"


"All Eyes On Me" is now available on iTunes

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