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Video: Samo Sound Boy "Your Love"

A psycho-sexual love story of Lynchian proportions from Body High and video artist Eugene Kotlyarenko.

Body High's Samo Sound Boy has been delving ever deeper into the wilds of classic house and techno, and today he drops "Your Love," a new track that melds old-school Chicago acid lines with emotional vocals and analog synth werk. THUMP partnered with Samo and artist Eugene Kotlyarenko to bring you this video for "Your Love," which is a love story of David Lynch-ian proportions, done up in a jarringly candy-colored pop palette.


"Your Love" is directed by L.A.-based video artist and filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko, who has also created mysterious, psycho-sexual landscapes for Slava, Julia Holter, and most recently CSS (he's just wrapped a shoot with the Brazilian pop-punkers in Coney Island). If you like avant-garde film, you should check out his work with MOCA in LA and his movie 0s and 1s, which had everyone from the NY Times to Art Forum singing his praises.

We don't want to give away too many of this video's twists—you'll just have to watch it yourself. Suffice to say, despite involving beautiful girls and a love story, it is quite unlike any other dance music clip you'll watch this fall. Yes, it will make you feel some type of way.

And while you're at it, check out Samo's new EP, with a tite Shlohmo remix, here.