This story is over 5 years old.

Watch Big Gigantic Touch The Sky Live in New York

Join the Colorado duo as they revel in the madness of their two-night-stand at the Roseland Ballroom.

Over the course of their careers the guys from Big Gigantic—Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken—have really been living up to their name. They go big. They go freaking gigantic.

Unlike countless other producers who merely couch themselves within a longstanding sound or genre, Big G has invented their own. Armed with a sax, some software, a drum set, and enough Colorado vibes to fill up a twenty-foot water pipe, these guys have been at the forefront of a rowdy and innovative movement and are making music that is just impossible not to dance to.


They've rocked shows at nearly every festival worth mentioning, held down two years of a larger-than-life headlining spot at the legendary Red Rocks, and most recently peformed the last ever New Years Eve show at New York City's iconic concert venue, Roseland Ballroom. While you were busy trying to excoriate the memory of spilling an entire glass of champagne on your iPhone, Big G went and edited this live video set to the sounds of their new single "Touch The Sky," from their forthcoming album. Now you too can soak in the joyous memories of their off-the-wall, sold out New Years extravaganza.

Video directed by Jay Sansone