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That "Damn Daniel" Meme Now Has a Jersey Club Remix

A 15-year-old producer fulfilled an important part of any Internet curio's life cycle.
The "Damn Daniel (Jersey Club Remix)" artwork on Soundcloud.

In a sea of runaway llamas and multicolored dresses, the internet's darkest corners occasionally produce some comedic gold. If you somehow missed it at the tail end of last week, a teen on Twitter posted a masterclass in short-form cyberbullying, a 30-second video captioned only "Damn Daniel." The clip featured little more than a narrator distinctly wheezing that titular phrase as a camera pans over a series another teen's immaculately constructed outfits—note, of course, the white vans that compose the only specific insult in the whole clip. It's a brutally hilarious bit, perfect in its ear-catching simplicity—seriously try not to walk around muttering it for the next few days.


The internet at large recognized, and it was summarily retweeted, parodied, and then co-opted by well-intentioned, but clueless brands attempting to peddle their wares to kids on the web. Next, as in all stories of internet content's life, is the remix phase. People are always going to turn viral videos into songs, but the cycling, ecstatic, adolescent mantras of "Damn Daniel" seem uniquely suited to club track experimentation. If DJ Rashad can flip that insufferable "Best Cry Ever" video into a banger, the potential for "Damn Daniel" was there.

As critic Julianne Escobedo Shepherd pointed out on Twitter this afternoon, a 15-year-old producer named Black Puma has already taken up the call releasing a Jersey Club mix of "Damn Daniel" just four days after the original video was published—a surely unprecedented turnaround in the meme-to-dancefloor lifecycle. Sure, it seems cynical to do something that fast, but the kick drum pummel and bed-squeaking percussion is enough to elevate the track no-matter the vocal sample. That said, "Damn Daniel" is perfect and any way you can get it into your life is a gift. Check out the remix and the original video below.

Damn Daniel — josh (@josholzz)February 16, 2016