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Funk Legend George Clinton Embraces Daft Punk, House, and EDM with Flying Lotus' Help

The two were introduced by rapper Kendrick Lamar.
Photos of Flying Lotus and George Clinton via Wikimedia Commons.

Funk legend George Clinton (of Parliament and Funkadelic) will work with Flying Lotus on his next studio album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Clinton said Flying Lotus will produce the record and it will be released on the producer's Brainfeeder label. "They have a whole 'nother way of doing stuff. I don't want me to be the one directing everything," he told the magazine.

Clinton's work with the producer is both artistic and strategic. "When they announced the Brainfeeder thing, I saw just how much it meant from the feedback on the Internet," Clinton told Rolling Stone. "That was the perfect move."


Clinton also told the magazine that he hopes renewed interest in his work will help in his battle to regain the rights to many of his recordings. According to Rolling Stone, Bridgeport Music Inc. holds the rights to many of these works, claiming Clinton signed them over in the 80s.

Clinton has also kept an eye on electronic music and the EDM scene, specifically following the work between Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk.

"I had my eyes on that two years ago when I saw Nile and Daft Punk and all them doing stuff together," Clinton told the magazine. "There's a route – [Daft Punk] are DJs for the world; they're not DJs for cities and states. They're so big in the whole industry that other DJs play the records that they play."

When the magazine asked Clinton if he listened to much house music, he said, "I definitely had to listen to a lot of it lately."

Read Clinton's entire interview with Rolling Stone here. Earlier this year, George Clinton performed at Brainfeeder's showcase. In September of 2015, Flying Lotus released a new single featuring Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat and George Clinton.