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Canadian Sean Miller has Another Credit to Bolster his Resume with "Vida"

Considering the term "Vida" means life, it makes complete sense why this tune is so full of it.

For almost two decades, Toronto native Sean Miller has utilized hard work, a passion for music, and an unwavering dedication to his craft to build a strong and vibrant career as a DJ and producer. He's soon due for the highly anticipated release of Matter of Time—out May 18 on Josh Wink's Ovum Records—Sean proudly has another credit to bolster his résumé. The upcoming EP's standout track, "Vida", was already charted by Beatport as one of the Top 14 Tracks That Ruled BPM.


Upon hearing the record's perfect balance of Afro-Latin rhythm with the celebrated techno edginess, it's no wonder why the number was worthy of such distinction. A sexy, heavy, underlying bass drives the melody forward while a variety of compelling instruments and tribal-like chants orchestrate overhead. "Vida" possesses a remarkable, spirited sound. Considering the term "Vida" itself means life, it then makes complete sense why this tune is so full of it.

Sean certainly has a passion for making music with integrity and soul. Constantly pushing his boundaries from one release to another, it's impossible to limit his sound under any one association. So with his inspiration constantly evolving, Sean Miller looks to continue spreading his unique sound of cutting edge house music to outlets all over the world.

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