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Justin Jay and Chris Lorenzo Get Stormy on this New Black Butter Banger

Vibier than a Biblical thunderstorm.
July 28, 2015, 4:09pm

Here at THUMP, we like Black Butter almost as much as we like the real thing, and certainly far more than we do low-fat vegetable spread alternatives. Honestly, if we could spread their releases on our morning bagel like musical Ferran Adra's, we would. Until that's possible, we'll just have to sustain ourselves on another smasher from the esteemed imprint.

Justin Jay has teamed up with one of our Ibiza Rocks party guests, the extremely affable Chris Lorenzo, for a pitch perfect slice of summery house that twists and turns like every good storm should. At turns jazzy and euphoric, deep and blissed-out, it's a surefire early evening winner that we can't get enough of.

Black Butter is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter