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Hot Since 82’s Rave/Mass-Abduction, TAKEN, Makes its Way Stateside

Interested future-abductees can sign up for a chance to be forcibly kidnapped by the British house icon.

Earlier in the year, we told you all about TAKEN, a no-holds-barred rave-meets-kidnapping produced by house icon Hot Since 82 (Daley Padley). The idea was to take ravers from the comfort of familiarity to the thrill of the unknown. After a successful launch in London and a highly-anticipated follow-up in Austria, it was only a matter of time before the tour/mass-abduction made its way stateside.

On May 23rd, a handful of lucky fans in Los Angeles will be "TAKEN" by Daley and, apart from that, well, there really isn't much info. We don't know where you'll be taken and we don't know what people can expect to find when they get there, but we do know that our LA writers probably won't come back.

Interested future-abductees can sign up here for a chance to be forcibly kidnapped. The after-movie from Hot Since 82's first TAKEN in London is a must-watch.

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