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Ten Walls' Homophobic Rant Just Cost Him His Career

The Lithuanian producer has been dropped from major festivals and his booking agency.

UPDATE: HARD Summer is the latest festival to drop Ten Walls from its lineup.

A homophobic post on Facebook has shut down the career of Lithuanian producer Ten Walls (AKA Marijus Adomaitis)—at least, for now. On June 3, Adomaitis (who also uses the alias Mario Basanov) launched a vitriolic tirade comparing homosexuals to pedophiles, as well as describing them as "people of a different breed" who need to be "fixed."


Adomaitis also wrote, "I remember producing music for one Lithuanian musician, who tried to wash my brain that I don't need to be so conservative and intolerant about them. When I asked him "what would you do if you realized that your 16-year-old son's browny (anus) is ripped by his boyfriend?" Well he was silent."

The post has since been deleted, and Adomaitis posted an apology today on his Facebook, calling his words "wrong" and "completely out of character," adding, "I now need to take a break and have cancelled my upcoming shows."

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Although Adomaitis presumably hopes that that people would let this go, they aren't—they really aren't. (The rant also puts his biggest hit 'Walking With Elephants' in a totally new light, as FACT points out.)

In the wake of his outburst, the producer was dropped by major festivals, including Creamfields, PITCH, and Sonar. Creamfields said in a statement: "Creamfields is celebrated for being a festival that welcomes all and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hate of any kind. Everyone who attends our shows should feel welcome and safe. Comments like this, coming from one of the artists contradicts our festival ethos."

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A spokeswoman from Coda Music Agency also confirmed that the booking agency longer represents him: "Coda Music Agency condemns all forms of discrimination based on race, religion or sexual orientation. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and to represent a hugely diverse roster of artists. We no longer represent Ten Walls."


The backlash extends to the international community of DJs and producers, with tweets from the likes of Optimo's JD Twitch and The Black Madonna slamming his words. Twitch opted for a physical show of retaliation, breaking Adomaitis' records into pieces. The Black Madonna made the crucial point that dance music (and particularly house) is one place homophobia has no home whatsoever. This is music born from gay communities, meaning Ten Walls owes this "different breed" everything he has.

My one Ten Walls record now looks like this -
— Optimo (Espacio) (@JDTwitch) June 7, 2015

A slip of the tongue is when I accidentally order a hot latte instead of iced. I never accidentally insinuate that gay people are animals.
— THE BLACK MADONNA (@blackmadonnachi) June 7, 2015

If dance music isn't about taking too god damned much ecstasy and becoming heteroflexible and completely cool with it, I don't know what is.
— THE BLACK MADONNA (@blackmadonnachi) June 7, 2015

Adomaitis' Discogs profile was also temporarily vandalized, his picture replaced with pornographic one of a man sucking himself off. (It has since been restored.) The best response probably came from Arca, who summarily dismissed Adomaitis' relevance by asking, "Who's Ten Walls?" Now that he has been ostracized from the dance music community, there's a good chance that in ten years, a lot of people will be asking the same thing.