This story is over 5 years old.

Here's What Happened When We Asked DJs and Festival Kids to Draw Sub-Genres of House Music

Sometimes, it's easier to describe witch house and acid house using silly pictures rather than words.

In the decades since house music was born in Chicago, it has been bastardized, evolved, and shape-shifted into a whole new beast with more sub-genres and strange names that even rave historians struggle to keep up with. From witch-house to acid house, flute-house, and even lo-fi-microwave-hot-pocket house (OK made that one up but give it a year)—there's a lot to keep up with these days. Sometimes, it's easier to describe things using silly pictures than words, which leads us to our newest THUMP Short: Picture Me This.


This year at TBD Fest in Sacramento, California, we ran around the festival grounds armed with only a dry erase board and marker, harassing festival kids, and even huge artists like Cut Copy, ASTR, Wave Racer, and more, to draw their favorite house music sub-genres. Needless to say, shit got real. Check out what happened above.