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Richie Hawtin Shares More Details About His New DJ Instrument

Video shows Chris Liebing, Josh Wink, Marcel Dettmann and Tiga checking out PLAYdifferently in Ibiza.

When it was reported last month that Richie Hawtin was launching a new line of DJ equipment, called PLAYdifferently, in collaboration with his old colleague Andy Rigby-Jones from Allen & Heath, the announcement was low on specifics regarding the products. Today, the company released a video teaser that that gives some context to the development of what by all accounts appears to be a mixer-type device but which Hawtin seems to make a point in the video to call an "instrument."


The clip reveals that the instrument has been tested by Hawtin at events such as Glastonbury and ENTER.Ibiza since 2014, and also shows Hawtin demoing the prototype to other heavy-hitter techno jocks, including Chris Liebing, Josh Wink, Marcel Dettmann and Tiga.

What the new promo does not offer is any actual details as to what the PLAYdifferently product actually does differently, although in video narration taken from the official presentation made at last months NAMM conference, Hawtin states, "There's a lot of products to use, but there's a lot of the same. We hope and plan to bring back products and instruments for the DJ to unlock their potential and their innate creativity that is lying dormant." Appetite sufficiently whet, here's hoping the next transmission from PLAYdifferently offers some actual details as to what, in Hawtin's words, "will drive the electronic community forward, creatively and technologically."