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The Dance Music Class of 2015 Yearbook Awards

Class clown? Teacher's Pet? Most likely to get lost in a Mexican jungle? They're all here.
Photos sourced from artists' Facebook pages.

It's a yearly tradition in high schools around America for students be honored at the end of the year with superlatives, a collection of awards geared specially for the characters and individuals who made that year particularly special. 2015 was surely an unforgettable annum in the history of dance: the death of EDM, the splintering of the underground, new festivals, and identity politics for days. So let's take a moment to celebrate the winners and sinners of 2015.


1. Most Likely to Win a Grammy: Diplo

Wes really wants to win a Grammy. Sonny gets to have six, and all Wes has is one lame nomination for his ex-girlfriend MIA. Diplo is to Grammies as Leonardo Di Caprio is to Oscars. "Express Yourself?," Get Free"? Come on! And if Diplo really wants to be inducted into the dance music illuminati, he's gonna need some bronzeware on his mantle, and soon.

2. Class Dunce: Ten Walls

Oh, wait…He wasn't kidding? When Ten Walls went on his now-infamous, career-crippling homophobic rant, it was so not funny that you just had to laugh. And then cry. And then maybe laugh again.

3. Best Smile: Marshmello

'Nuff said. Together with the rest of his puffy, jumbo, cloudy figure, the EDM man-of-mystery's smile never leaves his face.

4. Joel Zimmerman Lifetime Achievement Award in Social Media: Deadmau5

After Deadmau5 recently deactivated his Twitter, it's only fair to honor the man behind it all––Joel Zimmerman. Social media without Deadmau5 will be a dead medium. There'll be less beefs, less insight, and most importantly, less feels.

5. Most Intellectual: Nicolas Jaar

The Brown graduate loves a politically charged speech or an obscure 'ol sample, but he only feels like making you dance sometimes. Okay dude, we get it. You're, like, really smart. Can you drop a beat now, please?

6. Best Hair: Mija

Mija burst onto the scene this year with unique beats and even more unique swag. She can go from deep house to dubstep in the matter of minutes, all while rocking her obviously natural hair color of seafoam green.


7. Cutest Couple: Jack Ü

Aww. Diplo and Skrillex brought new meaning to the word "bromance" this year. And they even had a baby! His name is Justin Bieber.

8. Teacher's Pet: Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike

We shudder to think of the extra credit these guys had to do to get DJ Mag's #1.

9. Most Likely to Be a Billionaire: Steve Aoki

Hey Steve, uh, can we borrow a dollar for lunch?

10. Most Likely to Take Over the World: Annie Mac

She has her own radio show, her own label, her own festival…Plans for world conquest are next. Annie Mac is an overlord-in-the-making, and we're pretty stoked about it.

11. Most Likely to Get Lost in a Mexican Jungle: Dash Berlin

This actually happened. Dash Berlin (allegedly) got lost in the Mexican Jungle earlier this year, and the blog-o-sphere's panicked response was a testament to how ridiculous the internet is. He was not, however, eaten by a Jaguar, as some blogs reported.