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The Carry Nation's New Video Evokes a Hypnotically Hedonistic Queer Club Night

The clip is for their restrained yet hard-hitting recent single "As If."
Screenshot courtesy of the artists

NYC DJ duo and queer party promoters The Carry Nation today shared the decadent video for "As If," their recent single for London imprint Batty Bass Records. Directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Tyler Jensen, the clip depicts an unruly group of revelers being hedonistic to their hearts' content. It includes BDSM gear, suggestive food imagery, and even a lucha libre wrestling mask, and closes out with a group shot evocative of Leonardo da Vinci's famous depiction of The Last Supper.


The Carry Nation told THUMP about the story behind "As If" over email. "It's part of a series of original tracks inspired by the range of sounds culled from this past year of touring," they said. "Our intention for the song was to create a hypnotic dance soundscape that was equal parts abstraction and familiarity."

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