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Lum's Contribution to 'Bedroomer Vol. 1' Reminds Us Drake isn't the Only Torontonian with a Sensitive Side

Stream this lustful track off the newly-formed Bedroomer's forthcoming compilation.
November 27, 2014, 10:50pm

If you read our Toronto Guide to Clubbing, you'll probably be aware that the city is a seething mass of genres and cultures. No stone is left unturned in its many musicians' search for new sounds, and that lead us to the newly-formed collective, Bedroomer. The first of what we hope will be many compilations spans 15 tracks and almost as many musical styles. One producer in particular, Lum, stood out to us with his versatility, creativity, and colourful press photo. We asked Bedroomer if we could please, please, pretty please preview a track of his from the album; lo and behold, we have it for you above.


Bedroomer Vol. 1 Mixtape will be available on December 2.

Join their release party at Bambi's in Toronto on Thursday, December 4.

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